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Artist:Moody Blues
Label:  Deram
Catalogue:DM 213
Date:25 Oct 1968
Chart Position:42
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Community:37 Own, 3 Want
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AMoody BluesRide My See-SawLodgeTony Clarke9.4  Rate
BMoody BluesA Simple GamePinderTony Clarke9.7  Rate


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9th Jul 2012
 You can't hear the count-in on the LP version because the beginning is cross-faded with the end of "Departure." That was the standard Moodies' practice from "Lost Chord" through "EGBDF," plus "This is the Moody Blues." Must have driven the radio programmers nuts because you couldn't cue to individual songs. The "clean" version is the one that appears on Moodies' compilations these days, and I rather enjoy listening to it that way when I'm not playing the entire "Lost Chord" album.

25th Nov 2011

Oakley Boys
1st Nov 2011
 Is this take different to the LP version. I say this as at the beginning it's counted in whereas I couldn't hear that on the LP version. Also my CD lists Simple Game as being recorded on October 11th 1968 where as the tracks on Days Of were recorded in early '68.

27th Jun 2011
 Ride My See-Saw was the second single from the Moody Blues masterpiece In Search Of The Lost Chord, although the B-side, A Simple Game, is not on the album.

The matrix number of Ride My See-Saw is a later one than those of the previous single, but an earlier one than that of A Simple Game. Perhaps Ride My See-Saw was the last track to be recorded for the LP (definitely one of the last), while A Simple Game was recorded after the album was complete.

I also notice from your photographs that some copies had the matrix numbers upside-down and others didn't. The ones with upside-down numbers are the older pressings. In fact, those with the matrix numbers the right way up may even be re-pressings from the early seventies. I know Nights In White Satin was re-issued in 1972 because it had a second chart run then. In that case, maybe Ride My See-Saw was re-released in 1972 as well. Deram re-issues usually (not always, but usually) kept their old catalogue numbers.

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