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Artist:White Plains
Label:  Deram
Catalogue:DM 280
Date:2 Jan 1970
Chart Position:9
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Community:55 Own, 1 Wants
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AWhite PlainsMy Baby Loves Lovin'Cook, GreenawayRoger Greenaway, Roger CookLew Warburton8.7  Rate
BWhite PlainsShow Me Your HandWolffRoger Greenaway, Roger CookLew Warburton7.0  Rate


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11th May 2015
 My copy has a 'flatter' raised centre boss, and also appears as close to unplayed that I have seen ,

2nd Mar 2015
 The lead vocals on "My Baby Loves Lovin'" is actually Ricky Wolff with Tony Burrows joining him on the chorus.
This was recorded in November 1969, but by the time it was released 2nd January 1970, Ricky Wolff had been engaged to work elsewhere & had to fulfill his contract before he could re-join White Plains.
As Roger Greenaway was the co-writer & producer (along with Roger Cook who was busy with Blue Mink) he was asked to front the 4 piece line up to promote this song.

15th Sep 2014
Note as the record performed by Session Musicians, by BBC agreement , all backing vocals and music had to be perfomed by the BBC Orchestra and The Ladybirds. Hence the only Vocal(*) is Roger Greenway (the entire performance possibly mimed to tracks laid down earlier in theday).

So the entire performance differs in some aspects to the record.

Biff's explaination might be true, as I cannot recall whom took lead on the record, I suspect they had to nominate to BBC whom would carry the vocals- or it could have depended on the original session fee or contract.

23rd Oct 2011
 I always wondered what Mama Cass was doing at the time..........

29th Jun 2011
 Evolved from The Flower Pot Men this slice of Cook - Greenaway pop proved to be a smash. Very catchy.

Lead vocal was Tony Burrows but oddly for this Top Of The Pops performance, Burrows is seen on backing vocals whilst Roger Greenaway takes the lead. It is suspected this was down to Burrows being seen often at this time on the show as lead vocalist of Brotherhood of Man (United We Stand) and Edison Lighthouse (Love Grows) All three discs were hits at the same time!

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