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Record Details

Artist:Ten Years After
Label:  Deram
Catalogue:DM 299
Date:22 May 1970
Chart Position:10
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Community:74 Own
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ATen Years AfterLove Like A ManLeeTen Years After8.5  Rate
BTen Years AfterLove Like A Man (Live)LeeTen Years After9.3  Rate


B-side plays at 33rpm.


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My Friend Jack
23rd Dec 2015
 RD - questions like that are easily answered by looking at www.officialcharts.com. Click on the Archive link and search for artists and songs.

23rd Dec 2015
 Was this the group's only charting UK single?

24th Jul 2015
 Sounds like a partnership between Chrysalis and Ten Years After frontman Alvin Lee. I've seen both Chrysalis Music and Chrys-A-Lee Music credited in the promos for their US Columbia promo single for "I'd Love To Change The World."

24th Jul 2015
 Strange that "Chrys-A-Lee" music is credited not Chrysalis.

19th Aug 2014
 One of the labels tells us where it was recorded but not when.

19th Aug 2014

I once timed the live version on the B-side of this single, it was just over 7 minutes. Therefore it is possible that the version you mention on the "Ten Years After Live At The Fillmore East" 2CD set is a different live performance. I don't know where the live version on this single was recorded, or the actual date of the performance.

7th Mar 2013
 RIP Alvin Lee (19 Dec 1944 - 6 March 2013)

29th Oct 2012
 b-side (over-printed label seems to say "33 RPM" underneath - over-printing may've been for emphasis) matrix no. is not as specified on the label (XDR.47312), but XZDR-47312-T1-1L
a-side matrix matches that on its (again, speed over-printed, 45 RPM over-printed 45 RPM ) label (XDR.46693), and XDR-46693-T1-2C

Oakley Boys
6th Mar 2011
 Just uploaded 3 more scans for variations. Note one doesn't even mention the live recording which I suspect is a much later pressing.

2nd Mar 2009
 Live B-side now found on the "Ten Years After Live At The Fillmore East" 2CD set (though it clocks in at 9:34 on the CD, is the 45 that long?)

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