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Record Details

Artist:Ten Years After
Label:  Deram
Catalogue:DM 299
Date:22 May 1970
Chart Position:10
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Community:61 Own
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ATen Years AfterLove Like A ManLeeTen Years After8.3  Rate
BTen Years AfterLove Like A Man (Live)LeeTen Years After9.5  Rate


B-side plays at 33rpm.


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19th Aug 2014
 One of the labels tells us where it was recorded but not when.

19th Aug 2014

I once timed the live version on the B-side of this single, it was just over 7 minutes. Therefore it is possible that the version you mention on the "Ten Years After Live At The Fillmore East" 2CD set is a different live performance. I don't know where the live version on this single was recorded, or the actual date of the performance.

7th Mar 2013
 RIP Alvin Lee (19 Dec 1944 - 6 March 2013)

29th Oct 2012
 b-side (over-printed label seems to say "33 RPM" underneath - over-printing may've been for emphasis) matrix no. is not as specified on the label (XDR.47312), but XZDR-47312-T1-1L
a-side matrix matches that on its (again, speed over-printed, 45 RPM over-printed 45 RPM ) label (XDR.46693), and XDR-46693-T1-2C

Oakley Boys
6th Mar 2011
 Just uploaded 3 more scans for variations. Note one doesn't even mention the live recording which I suspect is a much later pressing.

2nd Mar 2009
 Live B-side now found on the "Ten Years After Live At The Fillmore East" 2CD set (though it clocks in at 9:34 on the CD, is the 45 that long?)

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