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Record Details

Label:  Dawn
Catalogue:DNS 1052
Date:9 Nov 1973
Chart Position:21
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Community:50 Own, 1 Wants
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APreludeAfter The GoldrushNeil YoungFritz Fryer9.3  Rate
BPreludeJohnson BoyHume, VardyFritz Fryer10.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 500


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24th Mar 2014
 gian_paolo: it was something of a surprise hit, from a mostly (there are exceptions) rather unsuccessful attempt on atv/pye records' part to run a "progressive" label (cf. emi's harvest label, or phonogram/philips' vertigo). none of them really worked until the music co. manglers started looking for what would make effective commercial singles either as off-takes or cut-downs from their acts' "serious" lps - or recorded as commercial singles from the get-go.

and it continued to sell for a long, long time - way after it dropped out of the charts. i wonder whether prelude's lps did half so well...

24th Mar 2014
 Scans Added. Solid Labels. H.

20th Feb 2013
 What's happened here with this incredible plethora of labels... and no one is even a demo!

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