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Record Details

Label:  Dawn
Catalogue:DNS 1052
Date:9 Nov 1973
Chart Position:21
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Community:57 Own, 1 Wants
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APreludeAfter The GoldrushNeil YoungFritz Fryer9.3  Rate
BPreludeJohnson BoyHume, VardyFritz Fryer9.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 500


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29th Jun 2015
 a nice live version


24th Mar 2015
 added scans of a blue label 4 prong centre

Juke Jules
30th Jan 2015
 The promotion video for this (other videos are available :)


24th Mar 2014
 gian_paolo: it was something of a surprise hit, from a mostly (there are exceptions) rather unsuccessful attempt on atv/pye records' part to run a "progressive" label (cf. emi's harvest label, or phonogram/philips' vertigo). none of them really worked until the music co. manglers started looking for what would make effective commercial singles either as off-takes or cut-downs from their acts' "serious" lps - or recorded as commercial singles from the get-go.

and it continued to sell for a long, long time - way after it dropped out of the charts. i wonder whether prelude's lps did half so well...

20th Feb 2013
 What's happened here with this incredible plethora of labels... and no one is even a demo!

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