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Record Details

Artist:Mungo Jerry
Label:  Dawn
Catalogue:DNX 2505
Date:22 Jan 1971
Chart Position:1
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Community:70 Own
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A1Mungo JerryBaby JumpDorsetBarry Murray9.3  Rate
A2Mungo JerryThe Man Behind The PianoKingBarry Murray2.0  Rate
B1Mungo JerryLive From Hollywood: Maggie - Midnight Special - Mighty ManDorsetBarry Murray4.0  Rate


B side is a live medley of three songs


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13th Oct 2013
 Added demo labels

15th Feb 2013
 with respect to pitters I've added cleaner front + rear picture sleeve scans which have been taken from a mint sleeve with no writing on the rear

5th Mar 2012
 Maybe I'm in a minority but I love 'Baby Jump' heaviest thing they did brilliant

Yep - as I said before, with no drums!

4th Mar 2012
 Maybe I'm in a minority but I love 'Baby Jump' heaviest thing they did brilliant

Paul Vinyl
5th Nov 2011
 Ashton, Gardner And Dyke would have been a good Number 1 as well.

5th Nov 2011
 Check this site out to view what was in the charts when Baby Jump made number one for two weeks. Macca's Another Day was probably a better contender but only made number two, as Hot Love by T.Rex overtook it and knocked Ray's boys off the top spot.

Paul Vinyl
5th Nov 2011
 It was the only record worth being at No.1 at the time knocking off George's My sweet lord, then came along one of the best Number ones of all time 'Hot Love - T.Rex' to knock it off the top spot, 3 Great numbers ones in a row.

5th Nov 2011
 That's what I love about this site, Deltics. Each of us have our own thoughts & opinions, likes & dislikes. it makes this site magical! (Am I bein' too Christmassy, too early?)

5th Nov 2011
 I always quite liked it!


5th Nov 2011
 ..just listened to this M'H, and it should NEVER have been a UK No.1, but hey what do we know?
Neil Reid, "Mother of Mine" anyone? (Mind you that ONLY made No.2) so there are SOME sane people left.
Sings "There comin' to take me away Ha-haaa"..

20th Aug 2011
 Not only is it unusual because of its speed but it is also a rarity in that, even though it is quite obviously a rock record, there are no drums on it whatsoever!

25th May 2011
 That's ok - no worries. I tend to agree with you about LP speed singles. The sound quality was/is always appalling and I guess prior to the mainstream arrival of the 12" single it was the only practical method of boosting the content of the 7" format. Either that or it was a gimmick. 45rpm multi track EP singles had been around for years and always sound better. The Dawn label majored on the 33 1/3 format and most of Mungo Jerry's early releases came out on these - most notably 'in the summertime', the Dawn label version of which was probably one of the earliest 33 format discs to make No. 1 (doubtless someone will correct me here if I am way out?). My vote for worst sound quality 33 single though is Toyah's 'it's a mystery' EP on Safari - they don't come much worse than that.

25th May 2011
 I fear you have misunderstood - my yawn was in reference to the Yes single. :-)

24th May 2011
 Well it wouldn't be the only 33 1/3 RPM disc on here. Roundabout by Yes springs to mind (yawn)

15th Dec 2009
 Speaking of Mungo Jerry...I reckon Baby Jump is the least well-known Number One of the 60's and 70's combined!

How on earth did it reach the top of the charts?

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