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Artist:Who Cares?
Label:  Record Shack
Catalogue:DOC 1
Date:Apr 1985
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Community:6 Own, 2 Want
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AWho Cares?Doctor In DistressIan Levine, Fiachra TrenchIan Levine, Fiachra Trench1.0  Rate
BWho Cares?Doctor In Distress (Instrumental)Ian Levine, Fiachra TrenchIan Levine, Fiachra Trench1.0  Rate


Black vinyl


22nd May 2014
 It sounds like a 13-year-olds Secondary School music project

22nd May 2014
 Who Cares indeed. What a horrific record.

Thank goodness they never needed to employ Baker's help with Dalek voices...

Mikey Dread
22nd May 2014
 Is the young lady with a cuppa in her hand Sally Thomsett?

22nd May 2014
 I heard this on the Dr. Demento show. I believe I have a copy. I think I found my copy at a comic book store in Chicago, USA.

22nd May 2014

In early 1985 there was uproar in Doctor Who fandom when Michael Grade and the BBC decided to shelve Doctor Who for 18 months. Depressed and angry, the shows producer John Nathan Turner and his boyfriend Gary Downie mulled over various ideas to gain publicity in the hope that the BBC would change its mind. "Do They Know It's Christmas" had recently been a number one and drawing inspiration from that, roped in superfan Ian Levine and set about rounding up as many famous names as possible to create their own all star charity record thinking it would be a certain hit...

Various Doctor Who stars were roped in along with big names like Bobby G from Bucks Fizz, Faith Brown, Phyllis Nelson, Warren Cann and Rick Buckler. Bizarrely John Lodge and Justin Hayward from The Moody Blues also got involved. The shows leading actors of the time Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant had to contribute... both were horribly embarrassed by the whole affair.

And no wonder. The record was ghastly. The lyrics are hugely embarrassing and the whole thing ended up being a spectacular flop which didn't raise much for charity nor changed the BBC's minds. If anything, it made Michael Grade and the BBC look at Doctor Who fandom with rolled eyes.

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