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Artist:Titus Turner
Label:  Dart [NYC]
Catalogue:DR 102
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Community:2 Own
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ATitus TurnerSodom And Gommorrahh Part IRoger Sherman, Titus TurnerSherman, TurnerRate
BTitus TurnerSodom And Gommorrahh Part llRoger Sherman, Titus TurnerSherman, TurnerRate


25th Nov 2014
 Although not in Blues Records Vol. 2 (the RIS edition) it is shown in 'The Soul Discography Vol. 3' published by Eyeball Productions and compiled by Bob McGrath. It is from a 1972 session in New York. No other songs are listed at this session and no musicians are credited. It is also included in Bob McGrath's 'R & B Indies' book of label listings for Dart but not dated. I'll let you decide which date to show in the database.

25th Nov 2014
 Discography of Titus Turner

25th Nov 2014
 Answering mickey's question from two years ago, I have Blues Records Vol. 2 (the RIS edition), and Titus Turner is included, but not this record. The sound of the record, plus being in stereo, suggests much later than 1959 to me too - probably late 60's or early 70's. Apart from that, I think it's bloody awful!

25th Nov 2014
 Every online site that dates it (including Discogs) makes it 1959, but that, of course, may just be the usual internet thing of one mistake being taken as gospel and replicated elsewhere...

25th Nov 2014
 There's no way this could be 1959. DART was a Fairlawn, New Jersey label well into 1960.


mickey rat
18th Feb 2012
 There were several Dart labels. Galen Gart's listing of '50s U.S. labels gives Roger Sherman's Dart label's address as Fairlawn NJ. He was using a 1000 series in 1959. Does anyone have access to Blues Records vol.2? I have photocopies of most of it but am missing a lot, including Titus Turner entry (if there is one).

Dr Doom
18th Feb 2012
 Sounds much later than 1959.



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