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Record Details

Artist:Various Artists
Label:  Duophonic Super 45's
Catalogue:DS 45 05 & 06
Date:Apr 1993
Format:Double Pack
Title:Shimmies In Super 8
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:7 Own
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A1Huggy BearTrafalgar SquareRate
A2Huggy BearGodzillerRate
A3Huggy BearMore Music From BellsRate
A4Huggy BearSnow White, Rose RedRate
B1Darlin'Cindy So Loud4.0  Rate
B2Darlin'Darlin'3.0  Rate
D1StereolabRevox!8.0  Rate


Triple folded picture sleeve inside plastic bag.

One single white vinyl, the other green.

Numbered limited edition, though the generally given figure of 800 is probably wrong due there being numbers over 001000 available. A reported number of 400 copies had a sticker and some also had inserts.

No more than a handful of mispressings exist where the white vinyl disc is Mint Green instead.
It's claimed there may be as few as three copies like this and it certainly reached a good price at auction!


Billy Two
19th Feb 2016
 Yup, good call Darrg66 - here's also an image on Popsike of 001039, so I think we can say it's more than 800, despite that being the widely reported figure.

I've found one reference to it being an edition of 1500, but I think we need further evidence/documentation before stating an exact number. I've edited the Notes accordingly...

Is it possible there were 800 plus 400 with insert and sticker ???

19th Feb 2016
 The edition of 800 has a bit of a question-mark over it, my copy, bought new on release, is 000963, and I've seen someone else claming to have no. 001007.

Billy Two
16th Sep 2011
 Just noticed my copy of this is numbered a deliciously low 000019, so thought I ought to have a quick crow to the world about it. Image uploaded. Have a look. It's there at the end. That's my one, that is.

I'd assume the "HB" means it was a Huggy Bear promo copy.


30th Apr 2010
 mine is in a 7 inch cardboardbox with added hand written inserts, remember buying it off a french bird at a camberwell carboot sale in 96 ish....
good record..

Dr Doom
29th Apr 2010
 Featuring a very early version of Daft Punk (then known as Darlin' and sounding very different - to put it politely!)


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