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Artist:The Five Satins
Label:  Ember
Date:Jun 1957
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AThe Five SatinsTo The AisleFreeman, Murphy, Brown, Baker, Kilebrew9.0  Rate
BThe Five SatinsWish I Had My BabyJ. BrownRate


BB June 10, 1957

Monarch Δ15975 / Δ15976


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9th Aug 2015
 Yes BIM, I took those numbers from my copy (see images 1726703, 1726707). I didn't see your earlier comment until later. I was a bit confused by the Cathy Carr reference - perhaps you meant to say The Crystalettes.

Break-In master
8th Aug 2015
 Are these Deltas confirmed or did somebody just take what I said on the Cathy Carr record and surmise that the A-side had a Delta one number lower in sequence?

7th May 2014

7th May 2014

23rd Oct 2013
 This first release by the group Al Silver put together while Fred Parris was in Japan created a few problems. They came to him with their original tune "To the Aisle" which they claimed to have written. First presses list the members as writers. Oops! Billy Dawn Smith and Wiener wrote "The Aisle" and it was released on Epic 9224 by Roy Hamilton in '56. It's not nice to fool with Columbia Records.

28th Jul 2012
 Added missing label images

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