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Label:  Asylum
Date:7 Dec 1976
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AEaglesNew Kid In TownJohn David Souther, Don Henley, Glenn FreyBill Szymczyk10.0  Rate
BEaglesVictim Of LoveDon Felder, John David Souther, Don Henley, Glenn FreyBill Szymczyk10.0  Rate


CB charted December 11, 1976


19th Apr 2013
 Add this to the list of perfect 45's. Soft California rock on the A side, crunchy classic rock on the B side...both sides are FM Radio staples. "Victim Of Love" provides the perfect platform for Joe Walsh to show what a differance he made to the sound of The Eagles having joined the group during the recording of the album this was on "Hotel California", moving them from a country-rock flavor to mainsteam rock.

7th Jan 2013
 Billboard in its year end chart Top 100 songs for 1977 listed the record as a double-A side. However, during its chart run, "Victim of Love" was never listed.

27th Aug 2012
 Added 2 sets of alternate layout/ font variation scans.

21st Jul 2012
 added promo labels

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