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Artist:Buddy Holly And The Three Tunes
Label:  Echo
Country:Hong Kong
Catalogue:E.49 X 45
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Community:1 Wants
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ABuddy Holly And The Three TunesGirl On My MindJim DennyRate
BBuddy Holly And The Three TunesTing-A-LingJim DennyRate


bill mann
29th Jan 2014
 Hi Sid, I see what you mean 'buddy', It's Denny on the UK Brunswick ep ! !

29th Jan 2014
 Hi Bill see http://www.45cat.com/record/930650

Bigtom & Wolfdj - dont forget Hong Kong was a British colony at this time, this record would not have been exported to China as western music was completely banned.

I assume that american Decca couldnt use the Decca name in British controlled areas hence the Echo name?

bill mann
29th Jan 2014
 Ting-a-ling by Jim Denny, don't think so ! Surely Ahmet Ertegun in 1952 or so

29th Jan 2014
 Being a Buddy Holly collector for most of my life i must admit that this is the first time I have even heard of this single never mind seeing it.Never knew they had vinyl in China back in 58.

29th Jan 2014
 Pressed in Hong Kong for the Chinese market.One of the rarest Holly singles

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