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Artist:Sniff 'n' The Tears
Label:  EMI
Date:Oct 1979
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ASniff 'n' The TearsDriver's SeatPaul RobertsLuigi Salvoni, Steve Lipsom, Bazza, Paul Roberts9.3  Rate
BSniff 'n' The TearsSlide AwayPaul RobertsLuigi Salvoni, Steve Lipsom, Bazza, Paul Roberts7.5  Rate


18th Nov 2015

Neil Forbes
3rd Feb 2015
 I was gone from 2NUR by mid-1992. I had (roughly) a five-year lay-off before joining Port Stephens FM in April, 1997 but my first on-air shift was in October, that year, filling in for another presenter. The station was doing one week in every month under conditions of a "temporary community broadcasting licence" which applied then. Will explain more in a PM.

Record Collector
3rd Feb 2015
 Yes I visited there during the eighties and nineties

Neil Forbes
3rd Feb 2015
 I was involved with(but not presenting at) 2NUR-FM, Newcastle back in 1989. Community radio in Australia was really making headway and it was making the commercial stations nervous. More power to Community radio!

Record Collector
3rd Feb 2015
 Ten years later after release of this record community radio was really at its peak

Neil Forbes
3rd Feb 2015
 Just slip into the "driver's seat" and "slide(or glide, or even cruise) away". And by the way, R.C., contrary to what the Buggles claim, Video DID NOT kill the radio star! He/she's alive and well thank you very much! And thriving on Community radio!(like you and I were, once upon a time!).

Record Collector
3rd Feb 2015
 No it's the Aussie copy that I have fond memories I bought this single along with the buggles video killed the radio star

Mikey Dread
3rd Feb 2015
 Homesick for Britain, RC? <^_^>

Record Collector
3rd Feb 2015
 Sorry I had to Add this as I'm feeling home sick haha

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