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Record Details

Label:  EMI
Catalogue:EMI 2375
Date:31 Oct 1975
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:168 Own, 1 Wants
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AQueenBohemian RhapsodyMercuryQueen, Roy Thomas Baker8.7  Rate
BQueenI'm In Love With My CarTaylorQueen, Roy Thomas Baker7.5  Rate


Some copies come in a picture sleeve, though it's more common with just a company sleeve.
A release date of 7 Nov 1975 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 599.


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Tony Moss
7th Mar 2016
 As a child, I also thought it was 'Walls Sausages' and my dad used to laugh at me.

Glad im not the only one who misheard this.

3rd Feb 2016
 UK's Xmas #1 twice, also a unique feat :thumbsup:

3rd Feb 2016
 @ goodbear66
My sister and I both thought it was "Wall's sausages" when we first heard it back in the day (my sister was 10 and I was 13 then, and we both often misheard song lyrics in those days).

Hard to believe this single is already over 40 years old! In 1991, following Freddie Mercury's death, it became the first re-issue of a former Number One hit to return to Number One. Other re-issues (like David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and John Lennon's "Imagine", for example) have reached Number One on their second chart runs, but not on their first. Queen's achievement of getting to Number One twice with the same recording went unequalled for a decade, until George Harrison's death sent "My Sweet Lord" to Number One for a second time. However, Queen's classic sold over a million in the UK on both chart runs, which Harrison's didn't. As far as I know, "Bohemian Rhapsody" is still the only single to sell a million copies in the UK in each of two chart runs. And oh, how it deserves such success!

Michael Earith
30th Dec 2015
 This Classic Marks My "2000"th Rating Since I First Started Grading Exactly Three Years Ago At CHRISTMAS 2012.

28th Jul 2015
 @AVQueen. And Interested party's here Is the Box Set to play on your New Rega Player. H.

Beautiful Isn't It. You want to see It In the flesh It weighs a ton.

28th Jul 2015
 Can't help it but Freddie on the sleeve just looks like Jim Carey here lol

Charlie Chalk
27th Jul 2015
 Enough already chaps! I'm starting to feel as if I'm going slightly mad.

Mikey Dread
27th Jul 2015
 Nice back chat, H.

Jesus, sounds like you're one of those tenement funsters, Monolith.

27th Jul 2015
 Play the Game It's not like Your Going to Live Forever. If I can afford one be Kind of Magic. Now I'm Here I might buy one but If You buy It for Me You're My Best Friend ever. I can see by Your Body Language Your not going to so Save Me please. Oh well Another one Bites the Dust cause It's a Hard Life. H.

27th Jul 2015
 Well Now I'm Here I may as well tell you that I won't be joining a Procession to buy one, but I tell you Some Day One Day when I'm Doing All Right, maybe then Dear Friends with a Flick Of The Wrist and I'm Stone Cold Crazy I may buy one of these.
Until then it's In The Lap Of The Gods, so I'll just lie here with my Sweet Lady (she's 39 and The Love Of My Life) and play my Modern Times Rock n Roll on my old turntable.

Someone else's turn now.

27th Jul 2015
 Will it play my 78s? :erk:

Charlie Chalk
27th Jul 2015
 I expect they'll sell out in a flash!

Mikey Dread
27th Jul 2015
 I presume you don't feel under pressure to purchase one then, Monolith? : )

At approx. £229/$355 for the standard Rega RP1, I'm sure serious Queen fans, with their well-known deep pockets, wouldn't mind paying the extra £96/$150 premium for a Ltd. edition turntable.

27th Jul 2015
 I'll wait till they come down to a fiver, then think about it. LOL

27th Jul 2015
 @AVQueen. You need one of these In Your life. Order now before they go. (Image can be Deleted). H.

Very limited edition Queen Rega turntable. Pre-orders now being taken

— July 21, 2015 by Crash

We will have a small quantity of the very limited edition Queen Rega turntable on sale in the shop. They have been specially commissioned by the band ahead of all their catalogue being reissued on vinyl later this year. Only 2,000 of these turntables are being manufactured for the world, 400 of which will be available in the UK. They will be on sale for £325 and are available as shop collection only. Full details of the turntable can be viewed by following this link. Customers wishing to pre-order can either pay in full online or call into the shop and pay a minimum £50 deposit. We would strongly suggest acting quickly if you want one of these turntables, as there is a very good chance all the stock we have been allocated will sell out well ahead of their release in September

23rd Mar 2014
 I sold a picture sleeve copy around 1983, with huge difficulty, had to drop the price about 5 times and just about gave it away in the end. This was before Live Aid of course.

18th Feb 2014
 I guess the silver Labels )added by Graham) are from a 1983-re-release, too (like the black Labels), but I'm not 100% sure.

To Harley: The blue Vinyl is listed inbetween time.

16th Feb 2014
 Plasticrap labels added!

Problem Child
14th Feb 2013
 Full Sheet Music added. I hope the mods, or anyone else, wont mind ... this is a classic. Please excuse my Piano Teachers marks. There was a time when I could play this through without looking at the music. I've done the front a little lighter and the manuscript darker or it'll be difficult to see. Enjoy! Notice the unusual inclusion of the 'B' side on this.

7th May 2012
 The black label was released in 1983 but using the same catalogue number as 1975 release.

23rd Jan 2012
 I go along with Noel Edmonds' misheard lyrics - Pork Sausages sums it up nicely.

10th Mar 2011
 Awesome record! Bohemian Rhapsody was the song to my 1975!!!

16th Jan 2011
 There is an ultimate rare blue vinyl. To what I understand there was only 200 made and came with a scarf and two glass goblets. The Catalogue number is the same as this one EMI 2375.

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