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Artist:Marc Bolan And Gloria Jones
Label:  EMI
Catalogue:EMI 2572
Date:14 Jan 1977
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Community:18 Own, 1 Wants
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AMarc Bolan And Gloria JonesTo Know Him Is To Love HimSpectorMarc Bolan7.0  Rate
BMarc Bolan And Gloria JonesCity PortBolanMarc Bolan5.8  Rate


A release date of 7 Jan 1977 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 655


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13th Nov 2015
 No, call mine. She's very accommodating. :wink:

Ade Macrow
13th Nov 2015
 Yes, I'll go call my nurse.....

13th Nov 2015
 We understand Ade, now take your pills and go lie down for a while.

Ade Macrow
13th Nov 2015
 Gotcha. Thanks. Yes, I was looking at music publishing, not 'P' part. It's old age, y'know.....

13th Nov 2015

13th Nov 2015
 see trexxx comment

the Wizard (Bahamas) Ltd. is in the (P) bit, not the music publishing bit.
I assume copyright got assigned at some time,

the Flea
12th Nov 2015
 I can see them both

Ade Macrow
12th Nov 2015
 All the labels here show 'Wizard Publishing' Ltd. instead of 'Wizard (Bahamas) Ltd.', Bobby - has somebody removed your scan?

12th Nov 2015
 Added scans of alternate label that has Wizard (Bahamas) Ltd.

4th Oct 2014
 I am slightly confused about the B-Side "City Port", I have the 4 CD box set Marc Bolan / T Rex 20th Century Superstar and according to the booklet it credits "City Port" to "Pat Hall".
I have listened to it and it is certainly Bolan and Jones singing. Is it just a mis-credit in the booklet or is there a strange reason why it's credited to Pat Hall ?

30th Dec 2012
 One of my favourite later Bolan 'B' sides, with some of his most random sounding lyrics.

29th Dec 2012
 hi instead of emi records ltd my copy has

13th Aug 2011
 The titel is " To know him .." but Marc and Gloria sang "To know you.."

My Friend Jack
8th Aug 2010
 I've often wondered why this came out on EMI rather than the T Rex label.

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