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Artist:Sheena Easton
Label:  EMI
Catalogue:EMI 5232
Date:Sep 1981
Chart Position:33
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:23 Own
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ASheena EastonJust Another Broken HeartLeeson, ValeChristopher Neil6.0  Rate
BSheena EastonSavoir Faire (He's Got)P. Palmer, P. ValeChristopher NeilRate


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12th Mar 2014
 This single marked the beginning of the end for old Sheena in UK charts reaching 33(!) and the next single stiffing altogether.If you actually sit down and LISTEN to her hit singles,and she did have about 8 all told, you will realise that,apart from the music behind her, she was HOPELESS....she just couldn't hold the notes.If you watch that much hyped 1980 Esther Rantzen prog "The Big Time" you will hear even sheena herself admit during a take of Modern Girl..."THAT WAS AWFUL". "YOU SAID IT BABY"!!!! (in sarcastic BENDER from Futurama voice).

27th Oct 2012
 I'm sure poor old Sheena was worth a bit more than 10p!

5th Feb 2012

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