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Artist:Adriano Celentano
Label:  Epic
Catalogue:S EPC 1886
Date:2 Nov 1973
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Community:25 Own, 3 Want
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AAdriano CelentanoPrisencolinensinainciusolAdriano CelentanoDetto Mariano9.0  Rate
BAdriano CelentanoDisc JockeyAdriano Celentano, Luciano Beretta, M. Del PreteDetto MarianoRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 499

Reissued by Epic in both 1975 (S EPC 1886) and 1977 (S EPC 4890)


28th May 2014
 It was, apparently, a mickey take on Adriano's part of the way English sounds to the average Italian listener. Great song.

23rd Feb 2014
 I was working in a record shop in Basildon (Essex) when this came out and the locals would ask for
" 99 tewsol"

My Friend Jack
29th Jul 2013
 Spent four weeks on the (un-numbered) breakers list, from 16 March 1974.

11th Sep 2011
 Let's freeze that goat ....


16th Jul 2011

23rd Apr 2011
 now you can marvel at the italian picture original here

I once dj'ed this record at a club, to the confusion of the promoter!

27th May 2010
 I actually had a US promo version of this when it came out (Columbia). I never could quite pronounce that title! (I'm guessing a lot of DJs couldn't either, which is probably the main reason it stiffed over here. It wasn't a bad song, really... if only you could pronounce it...)

I. too, miss the days of pre-programmed AM radio. 1967 was my favorite year... but don't get me started on THAT ;D !

My Friend Jack
9th Jan 2010
 Yes, it was the EastEnder that I was referring to.

To be fair to the other one (part of whose record collection is being sold on eBay if anyone's interested), before he became ar Luxy jock, he presented the best oldies show I have ever heard on radio, In the late 70s, before local independent radio decided to play the same couple of dozen records throughout the country all day every day, the DJs had the freedom to create their own shows, especially in the evenings. Mike Read's Sunday evening show on Radio 210 in Reading was vinyl heaven.

9th Jan 2010
 Ahh, yes. The 'relax' killer spells his 'Read'. Still, either singing this must be pretty grim.

Peter Sundae
9th Jan 2010
 More likely Mike (Run-around, Pat darling) Reid rather than Mike (Saturday superstore -Relax is a rude song) Reid

9th Jan 2010
 Bet he hasn't got a copy of either now he's had to sell his collection.

My Friend Jack
9th Jan 2010
 Mike Reid covered this a couple of years later on Pye. I think I have a copy but have never plucked up the nerve to play it.

9th Jan 2010
 Babble-speak at it's very best. Total nonsense but so believable.

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