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Artist:ABBA (Björn, Benny, Anna And Frida)
Label:  Epic
Catalogue:S EPC 2240
Date:5 Apr 1974
Chart Position:1
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Community:107 Own, 1 Wants
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AABBA (Björn, Benny, Anna And Frida)WaterlooBenny Andersson, Stig Andersson, Björn UlvaeusA Polar Records Production, A Swedish Production7.7  Rate
BABBA (Björn, Benny, Anna And Frida)Watch OutBenny Andersson, Björn UlvaeusA Polar Records Production, A Swedish Production5.0  Rate


Swedish entry, and winner of, the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest.


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Neil Forbes
26th Jun 2015
 This is the record that brought ABBA to the world's attention, notwithstanding Ring, Ring being issued a year earlier in some markets. It would be Waterloo winning Eurovision that grabbed the bulk of the media attention and the earlier-issued Ring, Ring would've caught some of the overflow of the hype. In Australia, Ring, Ring followed after Waterloo but no surprises in that, it's happened a year later when Pilot had their hit, January which was followed by It's Magic while in Britain it was t'other way round!

19th Sep 2014
 As a serious ABBA and (shock! horror!) Europop collector, me too! ABBA are very much a collectable band, there is a withdrawn Japanese promo LP from 1980 that fetches £400+.

Mikey Dread
4th Apr 2013
 Thanks again, polarstar. I agree about your comments about the sleeve. I was annoyed at the RC dismissive reply.

4th Apr 2013
 This sleeve was made in Sweden by Polar and sent to some of ABBAs other record companies around the world. See USA Atlantic version where Atlantic placed a sticker of their logo over the Polar logo on the bottom right hand corner of the sleeve. It was made simply as a freebie to promote the record to press journalists.
I do remember reading about this in record collector magazine and was kind of irritated by the snobbish offhand reply as to the value of this item.

Thank you for sharing it.

25th Mar 2013
 the promo looks like something perhaps included in a press pack for journalists at Eurovision 1974; Despite what the press release says, "People need love" did not chart in New Zealand or Germany, to my knowledge

22nd Mar 2013
 Wow, not seen that before! I would argue with RC that this one as I expect that would fetch some £££!

Mikey Dread
22nd Mar 2013
 Picture sleeve and press release sheet scans uploaded.

The picture sleeve has been manufactured using thick card that is very glossy. The package includes the Promo plus a press release sheet. I contacted Record Collector about 10 years ago to find out more and their reply was that although it is rare, ABBA vinyl does not command great value. Greatly disappointed, it had been stored away until today to share it with you all on 45cat. Anyway, the press release is a interesting read if nothing else. :-(

23rd Jan 2011

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