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Record Details

Label:  Epic
Catalogue:S EPC 3576
Date:19 Sep 1975
Chart Position:6
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Community:79 Own, 1 Wants
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AABBASOSB. Andersson, S. Andersson, B. UlvaeusB. Ulvaeus, B. AnderssonB. Ulvaeus, B. Andersson9.1  Rate
BABBAMan In The MiddleB. Andersson, B. UlvaeusB. Ulvaeus, B. AnderssonB. Ulvaeus, B. Andersson5.3  Rate


A release date of 5 Sep 1975 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 590.

Originally issued with yellow labels. Also re-pressed in both orange and blue Epic new label designs later on


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20th Jul 2014
 I believe I have this A-side on the USA Atlantic reissue.

20th Jul 2014
 "It really annoys me when people say "They're Sh*t" or its "Homosexual Music" "

Yeah I'm not having that....this is one of the most perfect POP songs ever written, no question.

29th Aug 2011
 Food for thought: In Hit Singles 13th Edition Pete Townsend picked this as his favourite song.

7th Jun 2011
 When you think about it Ring Ring, So Long & I Do I Do ... were all perfectly sound commercial stuff that deserved to chart higher but there seemed to be an expectation within the industry that when it came to Eurovision unless you were an established artist it was One Hit Wonder time ( In the case of So Long I had to special order it from my local shop as despite getting a TV performance (TOTP I think) non of the big stores seemed to have even heard of it !)

7th Jun 2011
 LOL @Psycho. Very true indeed

7th Jun 2011
 I'm still trying to work out how Benny can play that piano so well considering the distraction to his left ?

7th Jun 2011
 Yep, fair enough bigtom16, but I'm more in the sladesounds camp myself (or should that be 'corner' ?)

7th Jun 2011
 Good comment bigtom16.
Not many things make me laugh out loud at 8.30 in the morning.

7th Jun 2011
 I have all their singles and think they are still great.How could you not like them yeh and all that bottom wiggling you just could not take your eyes off them and not forgetting the girls they were something else.??

7th Jun 2011
 Not a great ABBA fan myself but I agree that too many people slag off bands that don't fall into the category they like (or sometime it seems because they are so successful).

Another one that always springs to mind in Take That, massive record sales, huge loyal fan base (OK I am presuming mostly women), highly successful songwriters, yet hardy respected by most.

It all a question of taste of course but credit should be given where due.

7th Jun 2011
 ABBA really were a fantastic band.

It really annoys me when people say "They're Sh*t" or its "Homosexual Music" .... Er no. Bjorn and Bennie were very very good writers. We're talking about two people who were writing the lyrics in a second language and with things like "The Name Of The Game" or "Winner Takes It All" is f^%king brilliant.

They churned out some of the best pop songs ever written FACT. If you love them or if you hate them you still have to give them up most respect. Especially as they broke from something as shite as The Eurovision Song Contest. How many other people have survived more than one single from that tragedy?

7th Jun 2011
 When your last three singles have failed to make the thirty there's nothing quite like short outfits & a bit of judicious bottom wiggling to give you that top ten feeling again!

8th Feb 2011

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