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Label:  Epic
Catalogue:EPC A 2265
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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29th Apr 2012
 Yup, although the scar I was left with is probably less than the one that poor guy who got the job has to carry around after the way it went on the night. Despite all that though I still think this song is actually really good - so he has the last laugh for having made a good disc ( and I made a living out of playing thugs on stage!)

29th Apr 2012
 Really? .... Jesus that is really sh*t mate.

29th Apr 2012
 I think enough time has passed now for me to confess that I auditioned for the male half of this . . . Err . . . act. My agent at the time was hugely enthusiastic. Unfortunately (and this is the truth - really!), I was mugged in the vicinity of the sh*thole I was living in at the time (stonebridge park in NW London) just before it was due to take place. I missed it (the audition) as I was in hospital. After I saw the performance I seriously wondered if I hadn't had the better outcome. Mind you, I never had a mullet.

29th Apr 2012

29th Apr 2012
  Let's blame the entire loss on the geezer in the tragic mullet

22nd Jun 2011
 One for the Eurovision fans here. I really liked this entry of ours. It was sadly let down by a staggeringly piss poor performance on the night. It deserved to do much better than it did. Spanish release has the lyrics on the rear cover to sing along with *blinks* and it cost me all of 215 Pesetas!

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