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Artist:Flash And The Pan
Label:  Epic
Catalogue:EPCA 4847
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Community:3 Own
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AFlash And The PanMidnight ManH. Vanda, G, YoungVanda, Young10.0  Rate
BFlash And The PanFat NightH. Vanda, G. YoungVanda, Young10.0  Rate


23rd Dec 2011
 Flash and The Pan were Harry Vanda and George Young who both migrated to Australia from The Netherlands and Scotland respectively and who met in a Sydney migrants hostel. George Young is the brother of Malcolm and Angus Young of AC/DC and Alex Young of British band Grapefruit. Along with Harry he was a founding member of the Easybeats. Flash and the Pan were a studio concept band who, as far as I am aware, never played live. They are prolific songwriters - they have written songs that have been recorded by the Easybeats, David Bowie, INXS, Meat Loaf, Grace Jones and John Paul Young, among many others. They have also produced many records, including for AC/DC, John Paul Young and Rose Tattoo.

22nd Dec 2011
 Many 45Cat-ers like me must have large, shameful gaps in their knowledge of what is submitted here. In many cases, as in mine, it can arise from past work activity that took you away from UK radio and a customary regular attention to Chart entries. This can encourage us older 45Cat-ers to remain ignorant and genre-bigoted, not stepping outside our favourite period.

Internet radio is stunning and I range widely. Locked for an hour or so into an Italian station playing great stuff, this disc came on Fabulous! And I missed it. Totally. One the many gaps.

But it's what makes this site such fun and so interesting.


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