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Artist:Denzil And Jennifer
Label:  Escort
Catalogue:ES 824
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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ADenzil And JenniferYoung Gifted And Black2.3  Rate
BOwen GrayI Am SatisfiedRate


5th Dec 2012

B side issue image courtesy of Pete Smith. Check out his blog
Lost vinyl gems of the 60s

Charlie Chalk
6th Nov 2012
 The version by Bob and Marcia was pulled by Pama/Escort, and a (much inferior) UK cover version hastily recorded and issued in its place. I can only assume that Pama did not have the official rights to issue Bob & Marcia's version.

15th Dec 2011
 Yep this version is different


15th Dec 2011
 I think this needs it's own seperate entry actually as The Bob and Marcia credited version has Barrington Biggs - My Cherie Amour as the B Side .... I'm confused?!? Was ES 824 pulled and changed or is this a catalog oversight?

13th Dec 2011
 I've added the alternate credit label

13th Dec 2011
 This is a weird one ... This label states ES 824 as Denzil and Jennifer however ES 824 also exists credited as Bob & Marcia ... Also this was avalible on the Harry J Label with strings added, this original version doesn't have the strings .... I prefer this version but also love the Harry J Version

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