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Record Details

Artist:The Shadows
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:ESDF 20004
Format:Export Issue
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Community:5 Own
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A1The ShadowsFeelin' FineIan SamwellNorrie ParamorRate
A2The ShadowsBongo BluesParamorNorrie ParamorRate
B1The ShadowsDon't Be A Fool (with Love)Peter ChesterNorrie ParamorRate
B2The ShadowsChinchillaStarr, WolfNorrie ParamorRate


Three of this EP's tracks were originally issued when the group was known as The Drifters. The tracks are a vocal single A-side and B-side (tracks A1 and B1) and two instrumentals, one from each of Cliff Richard's first two films.


11th Apr 2015

8th Dec 2014

27th Sep 2014

10th Sep 2014

8th Aug 2012
 In fact it's a 1963 release, for export (but some French shops had it). It could also be found in small quantities, in Britain.

12th Feb 2012
 One of only two French EPs that I have, this is as interesting as the "Apache" disc (ESDF 1336), because it made available tracks by the Shadows (strictly, mainly The Drifters) issued before the single of Apache and long-unavailable (in the UK) on any other release. The contents include both sides of the Drifters'/Shadows' first single on Columbia: Feelin' Fine / Don't Be A Fool (with love), along with Chinchilla (released here on the Cliff Richard "Serious Charge" EP) and Bongo Blues (released here on the "Expresso Bongo" EP).

I saw this copy advertised in a Record Collector magazine auction, described as "mint" and just had to have it. I bid £10, just so as to be certain of winning. At the time (1980), I had never heard the Drifters' single (both sides of which were vocals) or Bongo Blues. The seller's description was accurate and the intervening thirty years have not seen much deterioration in condition. A very worthwhile addition at the time, even if the tracks have also been bought on a Swedish LP (and of course, on CD) since then.

Not sure of the date of release, though clearly, this example cannot have been sold any earlier than the second half of 1963, because it mentions the May/June 1963 single of Atlantis / I Want You To Want Me on the rear of the sleeve. That is a little gold-foil sticker in the top right-hand corner of the front. As with the "Apache" EP the sleeve design concept employs a couple of European guitars, including a rather downmarket Egmond / Rosetti model, the "Solid 7" (cheap enough to have its lead permanently attached, as you can see) and a more expensive-looking archtop which actually has some of the vibe of the Selmer/Maccaferri model played by Django Reinhardt, without being in any sense a copy of it.

The Egmond guitar has some Beatles connections. Paul McCartney's first "bass" was a Solid 7 outfitted with piano strings as a rough conversion.

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