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Artist:Dennis Lotis
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 10287
Date:Oct 1954
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Community:1 Owns
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Originally released on 78 with the same catalogue number in April 1954.

A-side credits And The Johnston Brothers. With Ted Heath And His Music.
B-side featuring Denis Lotis And The Johnston Brothers.


22nd Nov 2009
 According to the calculator on measuringworth.com comparing by using the retail price index, five bob in 1954 was worth £5.13 in 2008. As an example, the average farm labourer in 1954 earned £6 4s 10d a week.

Rotatey Diskers
21st Nov 2009
 The LF series of 10" 78s were 20 shillings and 4d each - so the 45s were a bargain!

Deepinder Cheema
21st Nov 2009
 5/- ? Is this much more expensive than the 10" 78 disc. That is the best comparison. I know someone who paid 10 bob for a pleasure ride in a DC3 Dakota at Castle Bromwich Aerodrome in 1957.

I have a feeling 5/- was quite a lot of money in 1954.

Rotatey Diskers
21st Nov 2009
 According to my October 1954 edition of Gramophone magazine's Popular Record Catalogue Decca were selling their singles for five shillings (25p). I've no idea how that would scale up to today's prices.

21st Nov 2009
 And better than the 'so thin they're almost transparent' pressings of the 80s.

21st Nov 2009
 I agree 100% with Deepinder. These old pressings are a million miles from the (imho) horrid extruded label pressings from the 70s.

Deepinder Cheema
21st Nov 2009
 These early pressings, and it seems they emanate from 1954 are beautiful objects. It is interesting to witness the evolution of the mechanics of the pressing, the Tri-centre etc. Whoever designed the typeface and the colours here, and I presume on London got it right straight away, like Leo Fender with his guitars.

In all the years of collecting I have never seen these early pressings. They must have been distributed almost on an experimental basis, or very limited and undoubtedly expensive. ( A Decca price list would be most helpful)

21st Nov 2009
 Sorry I didn't finish that one, it should say :-
A Side states "Dennis Lotis and The Johnston Brothers with Ted Heath and His Music"
B Side "Ted Heath and His Music Featuring Dennis Lotis and The Johnston Brothers"

21st Nov 2009
 A Side states "Dennis Lotis and The Johnston Brothers with T

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