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Artist:Dickie Valentine With The Stargazers
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 10394
Date:Oct 1954
Chart Position:1
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Community:10 Own, 4 Want
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ADickie Valentine With The StargazersThe Finger Of SuspicionMann, Lewis8.0  Rate
BDickie ValentineWho's Afraid (Not I, Not I, Not I)Tauber, LawrenceRate


13th Sep 2014
 My catalogue even says Oct. 1, 1954 for this one, so that must be correct.
I have also misread the text a bit.
So I suppose you are on the right track here, but I have a few records with lower cat# that should have been rel. at the same time (first half of Oct.) but maybe not earlier than 10394.
10384 Frank Weir Oct. 54 up to 10393. The only one dated exactly is 10389 Suzie Miller Oct. 14.
Thanks for the lesson Ulf

6th Sep 2014
 @lorangrecords Also, even with the dates you suggest, the 45 would have come out two months after the 78. I'm saying that The Finger Of Suspicion was the first one to be originally issued in both formats at the same time (November 1954, according to the book First Hits, rather than October as suggested here). All the previous #1s issued on 45 hadn't come out in that format until after the 78 had already been issued. I hope that makes sense!

In fact now I've found my listing from First Hits (which lists UK recordings and release dates for every sheet music hit 1946-59), and it doesn't mention a 45 for Broken Wings. Unless perhaps there was an export issue...? Having double checked the info in that book, The Finger of Suspicion was certainly the first UK #1 issued on both 45 and 78 from the beginning.

6th Sep 2014
 Yes, that's what I thought. And this website doesn't even list a 45 issue of Broken Wings - I really don't think it was issued in that format. I See the Moon by the same group was issued on 45, but months after it had left the chart...

6th Sep 2014
 Apparently,it's always been accepted that the "Decca" group(i.e.Decca,London,Brunswick etc),did not issue 45's until October 1954!!!. This would mean that 45's issued of releases prior to that date would be "retrospecftive" issues e.g.early Jim Reeves,Slim Whitman etc.

6th Sep 2014
 Nearly mister.
The first one was F 10047. The Stargazers-Broken Wings.
The 78 was rel. Feb. 53, and the 45 April 53.
I hope i'm right. :-)

5th Sep 2014
 I think this was the first UK chart-topper to be simultaneously issued on 45 and 78rpm formats.

22nd Nov 2009
 Thick and thin tri-centres

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