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Artist:Joan Regan With The Keynotes
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 10397
Date:Oct 1954
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Community:2 Own
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AJoan Regan With The KeynotesThis Ole HouseStuart Hamblen7.0  Rate
BJoan ReganCan This Be Love?Roper, Roper, RaglanRate


29th May 2013
 I've only just heard, through this, that Brian Raiment sadly passed away a few years ago. Very sad news indeed. I remember Brian through the London record fairs in the early 1980s, and yes, he was best known for his outstanding collection of early 1950s UK singles, and also had some lovely items for sale at competitive prices. A very pleasant, soft-spoken man.

The last time I saw Brian was at a record fair in 2000, still selling, and noticeably aged since the time I first met him. One of the really good people of record collecting - RIP, Brian.

Deepinder Cheema
23rd Nov 2009
 A trip to the Diskery in Birmingham is needed. Jim has been with them since the mid 1960's, and Maurice the owner is still alive. Some of the answers may very well reside with them. Liam the new boy has only been there since 1970. The Diskery started in about 1952

22nd Nov 2009
 Is it not possible that all of these were originally pressed with the earliest labels (in tiny runs) and these happen to be re-pressings?

22nd Nov 2009
 Most of the tri-centre Decca records I see in charity shops seem to be by either Mantovani or Anthony Newley, so it's nice to see the scans you're listing. Keep up the good work y'all.

22nd Nov 2009
 Hi, thank you all for your interest.
I started collecting these quite a few years ago, you can get most of them quite cheap because of uninteresting artists. But they are RARE.
Decca started 45s in Oct. '54, and for the next few months the designs
varied from thick to thin tri-centres, gold or silver print and several shades of blue.
I don't suppose any body today remembers pressing them, and you bet Decca kept no records.
So it is up to us collectors to find and list this information.
Unfortunately one of the formost collectors of this material has passed away
recently, Brian Raiment, you may have heard of him.
His collection has been appearing on E-Bay. I can't afford them all, I hope they are going to good homes.
If you keep watching gold lettering pops up again in '55.

Rotatey Diskers
22nd Nov 2009
 Any idea which came first, nanocyar? I notice these are both with the early thick prongs, was there a later thin prong issue? I notice the publisher's logo on the B-side is different on these two issues. I've never seen anything like these scans you're uploading. Lots of previously undocumented label variations - fascinating stuff.

22nd Nov 2009
 Both shades of blue

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