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Artist:Patrick MacNee And Honor Blackman
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 11843
Date:21 Feb 1964
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Community:8 Own, 2 Want
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APatrick MacNee And Honor BlackmanKinky BootsKretzmer, LeeMarcel StellmanMike Leander5.8  Rate
BPatrick MacNee And Honor BlackmanLet's Keep It FriendlyKretzmer, LeeMarcel StellmanMike LeanderRate


NME review Feb 21, 1964.


26th Jun 2015
 "Kinky Boots"

"Let's Keep It Friendly"


26th Jun 2015
 farewell, patrick macnee/john steed (and other characters); you provided much pleasurable tv, especially in the avengers & the new avengers (if not, with this dreadful single <fx: groan, mellowed somewhat by the passage of time since last i heard it>). ave atque vale.

(patrick macnee died peacefully at his home in california, in the company of his family, they report from rancho mirage, ca usa.) (he had attained the age of ninety-three and seen his performances, not least as a villain in some tv series & films, achieve as great acclaim as did those as john steed for which i best remember him.)

daniel patrick macnee, 16/2/22 paddington, london - 25/6/15 rancho mirage, california.

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