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Artist:Lulu And The Luvers
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 11884
Date:17 Apr 1964
Chart Position:7
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:59 Own, 3 Want
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ALulu And The LuversShoutO. Isley, R. Isley, R. IsleyPeter SullivanEarl Guest9.1  Rate
BLulu And The LuversForget Me BabyGordon, HoustonPeter SullivanEarl Guest2.0  Rate


NME review Apr 17, 1964.
Disc review Apr 18, 1964.


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31st Jan 2015
 Added image 1541269 note small 'and' in Lulu and The Luvers, B-side same as Henry29's 897785.
PS. Some font may appear wavy but this is just my scanner! and its the first time I've noticed this.

7th Aug 2014
 A-side mono version


7th Aug 2014
 The stereo version lacks several o'dubs (incl. the guitar runs at the end) and is less essential. That's why.

6th Aug 2014
 Wonder why the reissue couldn't be in stereo? I just discovered it exists


23rd Mar 2014
 Here Is Lulu Doing Shout on Ready Steady Go High Quality Audio. Enjoy. H.


5th Jul 2013
 The Jive remake was July 1986 which was also the date that Decca re-released it -- but that was under a fresh cat no, SHOUT 1, rather than the original F 11884. Henry29's label scans with K/T tax code certainly predate both SHOUT 1 and the sleeve shown here. As for the sleeve, it's the same design as SHOUT 1, but SHOUT 1 has the cat no prominently displayed at the top rear centre whilst the version here has no cat no at all on the sleeve (that I can see). I still suspect that it "belongs" to scans 99417/99418 and that Henry29's copy has been switched into a newer sleeve at some point in its life.

5th Jul 2013
 The picture sleeve dates from the mid 1980's re-issue which Decca released when Lulu hit the charts with her remake on Jive (I think that was the label). I only remember this as I was a mobile DJ at the time and that got played all the bloody time!

5th Jul 2013
 Scans of the disc In the Sleeve. They look like I just Bought them Today. Got from a Radio D.J. in The 70's. H.

5th Jul 2013
 I would assume it is from the 80s I actually had it a one stage alas long before my 45cat days.

5th Jul 2013
 I wonder when that sleeve dates to. Certainly not 1964! Possibly the solid-centre reissues?

19th Mar 2011

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