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Artist:Elkie Brooks
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 11983
Date:18 Sep 1964
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AElkie BrooksNothing Left To Do But CryGatesIan SamwellEarl GuestRate
BElkie BrooksStrange Tho' It SeemsPrice, BrooksIan SamwellEarl GuestRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 42.


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24th Jun 2012
 Thanks to Nimrod for the original images.

Clean A side image courtesy of Pete Smith Check out his blog Lost vinyl gems of the 60s

20th Oct 2011
 You obviously missed her stuff with Vinegar Joe
with Robert Palmer, have a look here
At the time she was seen as Britain's Janis Joplin, although I think that Maggie Bell during her stint with Stone The Crows fitted the bill more closely.
I remember Earl's A Winger!

20th Oct 2011
 I hadn't realised Elkie Brooks had been around this long.

I always though "Earl's A Winger" was her first record. One of my Mother's favourites was AMS 7333 which always made me think she was a "new" artist in the late 70's.

Well I was only 15 but shows how much I knew....

davie gordon
20th Oct 2011
 "Nothing .." was also recorded by Lulu around the same time

DFE 8597

The original version was by Merry Clayton (US Capitol 5100, 12/63)
- an early David Gates song

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