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Record Details

Artist:The Moody Blues
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 12022
Date:13 Nov 1964
Chart Position:1
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Community:124 Own
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AThe Moody BluesGo Now!BanksAlex Murray8.9  Rate
BThe Moody BluesIt's Easy ChildSandler, Bennett, ReddAlex MurrayRate


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12th May 2015
 added promo card

18th Sep 2012
 great single - easily different enough from bessie banks' to be worth having both

30th Jul 2012
 Just noted Graeme Edge striking paranoia amongst TOTP producers with a blatant advert for Ludwig drums.

27th Jun 2012

A side demo image courtesy of Pete Smith. Check out his blog Lost vinyl gems of the 60s

18th Sep 2010
 It's a shame the production on this was so crap. Fantastic tune

4th Sep 2010
 My copy (the A-side label is too tatty to upload, alas) differs from this one: a) the matrix number is in curly brackets rather than round ones, b) the tax code is on the left between the FFRR logo and the date, and is followed by an 'S', c) the date is preceded by (P) rather than the 'P' being in a circle, d) the font used seems bolder and more compact.

I'll upload the B-side label in a minute so that you can see.

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