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Record Details

Artist:The Rolling Stones
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 12220
Date:Aug 1965
Format:Export Issue
Chart Position:1
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Community:27 Own
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AThe Rolling Stones(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionJagger, RichardAndrew Loog Oldham10.0  Rate
BThe Rolling StonesThe Under Assistant West Coast Promotion ManNanker, PhelgeAndrew Loog Oldham8.5  Rate


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19th Nov 2013
 The boxed label came in in 1966... although the solid centre labels with MONO are from the 80s...

I don't really see your point though - the b-side isn't a mistake... it's the b-side outside the UK (where export copies were to be sold!)...

19th Nov 2013
 If this is an export issue, then why is there a boxed re-issue version, surely the by the 70's when the boxed issue was released they would have had the correct b side???

28th Oct 2013

Whatever the release date, I'm sure it was not 6th June 1965. I am still not convinced records were released on Sundays, so I would have queried that date had I encountered it.

8th Sep 2010
 Release date has to be changed to August anyway. "Satisfaction" was not released in Scandinavia or Benelux (where this UK made coupling was exported to) before it was in the UK. Of course, "Satisfaction" was on the radio more than two months before because the US single (London 9766) had been released in June.
(charting date in the Netherlands, for example: 14-08-65)

Peter Sundae
8th Sep 2010
 The Stones decided that 'The Under Assistant etc..' wouldn't make much sense to the British audience and choose 'Spider and the fly instead. The Stones manager forgot or didn't let Decca know in time, least not before they had pressed thousands of actual vinyl records and many thousands of labels with 'The Under Assistant' as the B side, Decca were not pleased, but did manage to use a good many for export.

25th Aug 2010
 The matrix number of 'West Coast...' is higher than 'Spider...' so it's likely this was always intended as an export (and cut later) but I've no idea why it doesn't have AT15043 as the cat# (like the sleeve).

I'd say it's almost certain this was released in August in Europe and wasn't sent to the US.

25th Aug 2010
 I wonder why this coupling turned up in so many countries with the number F 12209

25th Aug 2010
 On second thought...there's a couple of confusing things going on here...First, the actual UK release has the same catalogue number..usually (but not always) an export pressing (on Decca) falls into the (Black label) AT15000 series or the (blue label) F22000 series..it's possible that "Under Assistant..." was the originally scheduled B-side in the UK, but at the last minute it was changed to "The Spider and the Fly" and kept it's same catalogue number (unusual but possible) and Decca outsourced these pressings..(The Kinks had a change of heart with Mr. Pleasant / This Is Where I Belong...and released Waterloo Sunset instead in the UK..and outsourced the UK pressings of Mr. Pleasant to Europe...but catalogue numbers are different)..

This is still a small mystery!

25th Aug 2010
 This is the USA (and Canadian) coupling....US London 9766 was indeed released May 27 1965 (entered US charts on June 12th).....well ahead of the UK release (by two months!). I'm inclined to believe that this export issue was released in August 1965, around the time of the domestic UK issue. (the song did not chart ouside of the States and Canada in early June...definitely not in Europe)......BEATLEJOHN

25th Aug 2010
 Dutch import 9 august 1965
Three pressings known
1. (I Can't Get No) SATISFACTION
Composers jagger richard - leaning forward
Composers jagger richard - normal typing

22nd Jul 2010
 I got May 27th from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rolling_Stones_discography

21st Jul 2010
 According to the Record Collector price guide it's an export single some of which came in a pic sleeve. Satisfaction was all over the pirate airwaves for three months before being released in the UK. There were record shops that sold imports even then.

see Rolling Stones Sweden

21st Jul 2010
 Maybe it's been changed since you last checked (the nature of wikipedia!) but it has the US release date as 6 July... it says it was recorded in May but never mentions the 27th.

Besides, it's unlikely even if this was pressed for the US (did that ever happen?), that it would have been pressed before the UK version - it would have an earlier cat # - all the numbers around F12220 are August or September releases - bang on for the UK release.

Surely someone who knows a lot about Decca or the Stones can shed some light..?

21st Jul 2010
 Wikipedia says this date and also 6th June 1965! It is an export pressing but 'Made In England'. Apparently the single was first released in the US. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/(I_Can't_Get_No)_Satisfaction

16th Jul 2010
 That release date is too early... the standard UK issue is here as August which fits with the cat# and when it charted. Is this an export pressing then or did they change the b side after a first press?

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