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Artist:The Animals
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 12407
Date:27 May 1966
Chart Position:6
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Community:61 Own, 2 Want
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AThe AnimalsDon't Bring Me DownGoffin, King9.0  Rate
BThe AnimalsCheatingBurdon, ChandlerRate


18th Jun 2013
  the alleged story that this was recorded in a hotel room in the Bahamas

Not quite a hotel room - both were recorded at "Serena Studio" in Nassau ca. 13.04.66 together with other tracks which turned up on the US-only ANIMALISM album.

11th Jun 2012
 Hybrid copies exist (got one today) with Nanocyar-style A side label on one side and buff-scrag B side label on the other.

27th Aug 2011

19th Aug 2011

11th Jul 2011
 The final single to be released in the bands first lifetime was another stunner. A moody ballad with bags of atmosphere. A rarity too in that there exists a great stereo mix of this - and the B side which clearly sounds like they were recorded at the same session - which makes me dubious about the alleged story that this was recorded in a hotel room in the Bahamas. Tom Wilson has been credited with producing this disc.

Sadly, shortly after, the band imploded thanks to a large split in the band whereby Eric Burdon, Hilton Valentine and new drummer Barry Jenkins went overboard on LSD whilst Chas Chandler and Dave Rowberry were strictly beer men. The departure of original drummer John Steele a few months earlier had completely altered the band dynamic to the degree they simply couldn't work together any more. Not to mention discovering that manager Mike Jeffrey had conned them out of their earnings.

23rd Mar 2011
 ...oh yes, and the 'A' in Decca has the larger 'triangle'.

23rd Mar 2011
 Just uploaded another label variant for this 45 - font size of titles is slightly smaller, songwriting credits are not italicized, publishing credits are arranged differently. Matrix is XDRF-38153-T1-1C for the A-side.

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