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Record Details

Artist:Val Doonican
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 12505
Date:21 Oct 1966
Chart Position:2
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Community:45 Own
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AVal DoonicanWhat Would I BeTrentKen Woodman8.0  Rate
BVal DoonicanGentle MarySharpKen Woodman10.0  Rate


Record Mirror review Oct 22, 1966.


7th Apr 2013
 Added label variants side A Marvel Music Credit side B no brackets above cat no.

Oakley Boys
29th Sep 2011
 Ok Steel-Rivet-Wet, I give in, you forced them out of me.. and here they are in all there glory! Oddly enough you still have to upload your labels as they sound even different to mine. -)

29th Sep 2011
 My version has the "K/T" on the RIGHT hand side, (above the Matrix No)., on both sides of the record.
Also, just noticed that "Darren" is on one line (underneath "P 1966"), whilst "Music" is horizontally below that..
I'm presuming Oakley B that is one of the versions, that you mean..

2nd Jul 2011
 Is the full stop after the F missing and no brackets around the XDR number then it has to be posted,

I posted my copy of F 13278 to mixed reaction

Oakley Boys
2nd Jul 2011
 I've got 2 more variations on this label but I really can't be ar**d to upload them 'cos I don't think anyone 'ld be interested. These Decca's are doing my 'ead in!

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