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Record Details

Artist:Engelbert Humperdinck
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 12655
Date:18 Aug 1967
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:88 Own
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AEngelbert HumperdinckThe Last WaltzReed, MasonPeter SullivanLes Reed8.5  Rate
BEngelbert HumperdinckThat PromiseMillsPeter SullivanLes Reed4.0  Rate


9th Apr 2016

12th Mar 2016
 I believe image # 1116042 is a German pressing for the UK market. They seemed to do a lot of these in the orange striped Decca sleeve. Superb quality - as to be expected from Germany.

4th Mar 2016
 I also have a black, paper label issue and apart from the colour, the labels are the same as record scans 5 & 6.

27th Aug 2013
 indeed, FM 7401 originated in South Africa; the same catalogue number was used in Rhodesia and sometimes South African picture sleeves were also used in Rhodesia at that time period; the Rhodesian vinyl pressing would have had a tricentre at the time, whereas the South African pressing would probably have had a push-out centre by that stage

26th Aug 2013
 Will do yankeedisc.thanks once again
I will add a comment on the new entry
so that the mods will be aware of whats
Cheers buddy.

26th Aug 2013
 Andy, your entry is definitely South Africa and here is a picture sleeve, also by Engelbert Humperdink, # FM 7401.
...they even used the same piccy....

Get busy young man, do your entry for South Africa and hold off posting the same scans to that entry. The mods can then delete these three, or move them, they will know what to do.

Just get the basic entry done, and the scans can follow.....well done, Andy.

26th Aug 2013
 .....jesus.....you're quick Andy....

Straight away I'll have to say South Africa, what with the mention of "Springbok Radio" on the picture sleeve, and we have an expert on African releases who I'm sure can clarify the items' country of origin.

Is the picture sleeve reverse side identical to that posted, if not please post it.

Next, after we confirm which country, we need you to post a new entry as you are entitled to do, and the mods can move over the scans to your new entry.

26th Aug 2013
 Hi yankeedisc.yes,they are definately th
track titles,and cat no is definately FM 7367
Thanks for the info
I will add labels and p/s here as advised,and
hopefully someone can shed some light on it
Thanks again.

26th Aug 2013
 Hi andyp180, after taking a look at the EH discography, Australia is the only territory thus far that uses the 7000 series of numbers, but with a Y prefix Y-7369, for this particular release.

DECCA, New Zealand is not represented by this release yet, and I must ask you to confirm that it is "The Last Waltz / That Promise" that you are referring to, and not another title.

Perhaps it is a UK pressing for export...?

Post scans on this release, plus a brief introduction, and I'm sure some "bloodhound" can figure it out....

26th Aug 2013
 I have a copy that is black decca with
a different cat no(fm.7367) and also a different
do i have looked,but cannot find it listed
Seperate entry?i ask as i am also unsure of country.

7th Apr 2013
 Added A side variant with 1967 on left and s above cat, no.

23rd Nov 2012
 I was just about to add the sheet music and it's already here

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