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Record Details

Artist:The Rolling Stones
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 22180
Date:Jun 1965
Format:Export Issue
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Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Rolling StonesHeart Of StoneRichard, Jagger7.0  Rate
BThe Rolling StonesWhat A ShameJagger, Richard7.0  Rate


Number: 201592  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: vollmann1969
Edited By: doormanperdomo
Description: Heart of Stone Export A side

Number: 201593 
Uploaded By: vollmann1969
Edited By: doormanperdomo
Description: Heart of Stone Export B side

Number: 201594  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: vollmann1969
Description: Heart of Stone Export B side

1st Sep 2012
 Re the comments below regarding the cover, wasn't this release a UK export to Denmark?
This was where I bought the copy shown, though sans any cover at all (and for only 10Kr!)
I notice on the continent, almost all the singles of the 60s and 70s were sold in picture covers(rather than the company sleeves of here in the UK) So could it be the case that this record may have been pressed in London and packaged in Copenhagen????

29th Jul 2012

Billy Two
29th Jul 2012
 You're right, it shouldn't be here, it ought to be under the corresponding Danish entry. Which unfortunately we don't seem to have yet. The rule is that if someone can create a Danish entry (in the next 48 hrs or so) then this image can be moved over - otherwise it'll have to be deleted...

29th Jul 2012
 The Picture Sleeve shown is from Denmark ! Shouldn't the record therefore be better listed under "Decca Denmark" instead of UK ? Is there any rule for cases like this ?

19th Nov 2010
 American coupling too...

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