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Record Details

Artist:The Rezillos
Label:  Sensible Records
Catalogue:FAB 1 (MARK 2)
Date:Aug 1979
Chart Position:71
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:37 Own
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AThe RezillosI Can't Stand My BabyJohn CallisTony Pilley, The RezillosRate
BThe RezillosI Wanna Be Your ManLennon, McCartneyThe Rezillos, Tony PilleyRate


4000 of this reissue are mispressed and have (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures where I Wanna Be Your Man should be.

These mispressings can be identified by DE-SIRE-ABLE PRODUCT? etched into the run-out groove.


14th Nov 2015
 the 'mispress' version of Good Sculpture, which I believe is also on the Scottish Kultchur LP (includes 3 Rezillos tracks possibly those planned for the Sensible Records FAB2 single).

9th Oct 2014
 Just got myself a pressing with the correct A side. Comes with back cover variant 18866.

12th Jul 2014
 My copy, which plays Good Sculptures on the flip, comes with back cover variant 1069039.

a p mac
20th Dec 2012
 "surely intentionally" mispressed copies have
de-sire-able product etched into run-out referring to
good sculptures originally being released on sire label
these copies have Lyntone matrix numbers LYN 6879/6881

15th Oct 2012
 Some copies of this reissue had a spiffy early version of "Good Sculptures" on the flip, but still carried the "I Wanna Be Your Man" label.

10th Aug 2012
 A-side dead wax: LENNY STILL LOVES IT! (reference to the original issue's dead wax)
B-side dead wax: COME BACK JOHN LENNON (...if only he had)

Also carries the Lyntone matrix numbers LYN 6879/6880.

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