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Record Details

Artist:Joy Division
Label:  Factory
Catalogue:FAC 23
Date:Apr 1980
Chart Position:13
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Community:149 Own, 2 Want
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A1Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us ApartMartin Hannett9.9  Rate
B1Joy DivisionThese DaysMartin Hannett7.4  Rate
B2Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart (Version)9.3  Rate


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Michael Earith
2nd Oct 2014
 The Single Got A Second Outing Three Years Later In October 1983 Followed By A Third
(Albeit A Re Mix Job) Twelve Years After That In 1995 When It Alongside Its 83 Re-Excursion
Peaked @ No 19.

13th Jul 2014
 Hi bigtom, I would presume this has the 'gripper teeth' around the label .. which I doubt you will find on the UK issue ???? and you forgot to mention its 'translucent' !!

The Toad
11th Jul 2014
 Bigtom's single looks like a CBS pressing - they had that 'moated' appearance from the very late '70s into the '80s, as the appropriate CBS pages on this site can testify.

11th Jul 2014
 Don't see why not.

11th Jul 2014
 Would these labels be considered a variant with these double dipped centers.( is that the correct term )

17th Feb 2014
 Track B2 is a "secret" track..(not shown on the label).

2nd Dec 2013
 With thanks to Realiator for original scans.

13th Apr 2012

Paul Vinyl
27th Dec 2011
 Inside white card sleeve added compared to the inside brown card sleeve, bought the day it came out.


10th Dec 2011
 single was reissued on 7" vinyl during the 2000's decade - different cat. no. and sleeve - (update 19/05/2012) single now added and linked to this release, it's taken me 6 months to find it again!

19th Nov 2011
 A lot of Pye Pressings have this Ruby Red appearance under strong light.

12th Oct 2011
 Some early pressings of this (such as mine) look just like ordinary black vinyl in normal light, but hold it up against a lightbulb and you might get a surprise! Whether this was done deliberately or was just a freak effect I have no idea...

31st Jul 2011
 B-side plays at 33 1/3 RPM

8th Sep 2010
 The alternate version of "LWTUA" (known as "The Pennine Version" after the studio where it was recorded) isn't credited on the sleeve or the label.

My copy has the following etched into the run-outs: A) "Don't Disillusion Me", B) "I've Only Got Record Shops Left". Intriguing...

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