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Record Details

Artist:Various Artists
Label:  Fast Product
Catalogue:FAST 9c
Date:Dec 1979
Format:Double Pack
Title:Earcom 3 EP
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:12 Own
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A1Noh MercyCaucasian GuiltRate
A2Noh MercyRevolutionary SpyRate
B1Stupid BabiesBaby BluesRate
B2Stupid BabiesBaby SittersRate
B3From ChorleyTableclothRate
C1Deutsch Amerikanisch FreundschaftIch Und Die WirklichkeitDAF, Bob Giddons6.0  Rate
D1The Middle ClassOut Of VogueRate
D2The Middle ClassSituationsRate


Double seven inch in gatefold picture sleeve.

Part of three Ear Comics compiled by Bob Last.

The other two were 12" releases - FAST 9a and 9b


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20th Jun 2012
 Gene: I'd always assumed that the voice at the end of "Babysitters" was Adam and Dominic's* mum, before she switched the cassette recorder off...

* Thanks for reminding me of 'Tinsley minor's name, BTW!

I remember reading a Record Mirror piece about the 'band', which outlined their likes/influences (e.g. Sid Vicious, UK Subs) and hates (Crass, PiL and The Dickies)...

20th Jun 2012
 Yes, I remember hearing Baby Sitters on Peel all those years ago (sigh!)...

20th Jun 2012
 I'm with Paul V and Auto Da Fe on this - Baby Sitters is my fave track of the EP!

First heard this on John Peel's Radio 1 show in Feb 1980. A few weeks later, they were featured on BBC1's mid-evening chat show "Nationwide" (how many people remember Nationwide?). And does anyone know who the female at the end of the track was who says "Mmm....that's jazz"?

Pjlazenby - Adamski's younger brother was Dominic, who was the 'vocalist' on Baby Sitters. Adam(ski) played toy ukelele and kazoo.

Incidentally, Earcom 2 (Fast 9b) goes for about £15 more than the other 2 EPs because of a Joy Division track featured on it. Only Earcom 3 was available on 7" - the previous 2 were 12" only.

20th Nov 2011
 'fraid not, Paul V. Baby Sitters is my favourite track on this, by miles!

Paul Vinyl
19th Nov 2011
 I bet I'm the only person to like 'Stupid Babies'

19th Nov 2011
 Thanks for showing what the cover really looks like, jjj; also that insert. Have to disagree about Noh Mercy, tho' - "Caucasian Guilt" especially is great! BTW: why do most dictionaries etc cite a 1980s origin for the phrase 'politically correct' - presumably it was in some sort of common usage prior to its appearance in "C.G."?

Juke Jules
19th Nov 2011
 A Farfisa and a Continental - how very retro though not used here

19th Nov 2011
 I have added scans which show the bright orange mentioned by pjlazenby, along with the insert. The back would be obsolete, being just plain orange, but that may be decided by someone else. Makes it complete.
These vids are not for those of a weak disposition.

Yeah, we all hate babysitters!

The only real decent contribution by DAF I did not find a version of this record for. And notice the typo on the label, correct on front cover.
And the last side is obviously a licence from this: recordxu8
Or the other way around?

14th May 2011
 Scans now uploaded, a few notes about which...the front cover is bright orange, which my scanner seemingly can't cope with (other owners: do not adjust your set etc); the back cover has no print. At least some copies (alas, not mine) came with a postcard-sized insert.

13th May 2011
 Cumbriamylord: indeed it is! Stupid Babies were the then-11 year old Adam Tinsley (later to become Adamski), with his then-5 year old brother, whose name unfortunately escapes me now.

Their two contributions here are utterly dreadful, even allowing for youth...

1st Apr 2010
 The Middle Class record is regarded by some as the first US hardcore record; it's fast but not that great.

The Stupid Babies is (I think) the artist who would go on to be known as Adamski aged about seven. Very strange.

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