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Artist:The Mike Sammes Singers
Label:  Music For Pleasure
Catalogue:FP 10047
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Community:18 Own
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AThe Mike Sammes SingersWombling SongBattAnton Kwiatkowski6.0  Rate
BThe Mike Sammes SingersRemember You're A WombleBattAnton Kwiatkowski6.0  Rate


First issue shows images of The Wombles on cover, the second issue with the Surprise! Surprise! label style, does not.


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14th Mar 2015
 I have Both Sleeves. H.

5th Jan 2015
 Thanks, vinyl_junkie, I'd like them all to be on the same label too. I've spent some time trying to keep the discog sorted, but it just won't display properly with the two label names.
I'd potentially argue that they should ALL be Surprise Surprise! as that is common to all of the labels.

4th Jan 2015
 Shouldn't these all just be listed as Music For Pleasure anyway? They are clearly the same label - the earlier label design has the small Surprise Surprise above the Music For Pleasure, the later design mentions Music For Pleasure in the text and both have the same Music For Pleasure Surprise Surprise logo on the sleeves. Also as clearly shown here, records originally released with the earlier labels were repressed with the later labels...

15th Apr 2013
 After 11 months, I find a first issue of this, on the traditional label and a different cover, so I have changed the label back to what it was.
I think the Surprise! Surprise! we have prior to about FP 10048, may well be found with the old label style, so can also be changed back(?).
The discog of Music For Pleasure needs resorting again.

12th May 2012
 I bought that No 13 almost when it came out! :-)

12th May 2012
 I'm happy now with Music For Pleasure That looks great.Thanks to whoever sorted that.
NO 13 seems to be an imposter. Rolf may have been on it, but he isn't on the label. NO 13 would seem to be the correct one


10th May 2012
 Wow! What a comprehensive listing. Thanks The Toad. Is there anyone out there who can sort these labels out into this same sort of logical order on 45cat?
It's taken me ages just to go through this handful of releases, which I wasn't particularly interested in, but I'm fascinated now and might even consider trying to collect them now (but only at 25p prices!).
I'm moving on now to do my Jam,Clash,Mott and other favs that should hopefully just need a couple of clicks and no scanning, one hopes...

The Toad
10th May 2012
 Several batches were reviewed in Gramophone Magazine in the early '70s; they can be found by searching on the magazine's site.. The months of review may not coincide exactly with the months in which the records came out, but I reckoned they were close enough to include in the discography on the relevant page on my own website.

9th May 2012
 Thanks Toad, I concur. All the records I've seen of this nature say 'Surprise! Surprise!'
The ones with cat no's FP 899 - FP 999 should be kept as MFP, see label eg FP 899 They would have been released 79-84. I've attached a scan from my Music Master book showing all the 7" MFP releases I could find. There as nothing else relevant. Don't think this is the right place to put it though.
I would suggest that the dates of those from NO 1 onwards at least be changed to 1970 at the earliest. Would a test marketing excerise be counted as a release?
FP26?+ follow next, then FP10001 onwards, which all seem to have Johnnesburg adresses on the back sleeve up to aroundFP 10022 or more. FP 10027 shows just Astronaut House, Feltham and a date of 1973. All after this should have this date or later.
By FP 10036 the label changes to the Surprise! Surprise!.style shown here
Just found this webpage so I'll go read

The Toad
8th May 2012
 'Billboard' magazine for the 23rd of May 1970 says "Budget label Music For Pleasure goes into singles on May 22 with the national launch of its Surprise Surprise children's line, which was test marketed in Lancashire and central London last September..." (etc). As MFP referred to it as their 'Surprise Surprise' line, it would seem to be appropriate that the entire 'Music For Pleasure' FP series of children's singles should be listed here as 'Surprise! Surprise!' releases.

8th May 2012
 This, according to the label, is a Surprise! Surprise! release. Compare with FP 10060

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