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Label:  United Artists
Catalogue:FREE 7
Date:Oct 1977
Format:Promo Only 7"
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:2 Own, 2 Want
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A999Nasty! Nasty!Nick Cash, Guy DaysAndy ArthursRate
B999No PityNick Cash, Guy DaysRate


50 Promotional singles which play at 78rpm.
No picture sleeve.


14th Mar 2013
 I have one of these, and it is different from all of the above images...and it is definitely an original. All 50 were hand-stamped, which may explain some of the differences. However, all should have been in a white cardboard sleeve (no center hole) like image #472142. Image #472139 appears to only be in a white paper sleeve, which doesn't seem right.
My copy is stamped in the same fashion as #472142, but it's done with black ink and is closer to the center of the sleeve.
Listing it on ebay this weekend.

21st Jan 2013
  . . . what ever the number pressed some one thought this disc was worth the best part of a £1000:

14th Jun 2012
 50 my armpit!!

Is the matrix of this Free 7?

14th Jun 2012
 Do both sides play at 78, then?

14th Jun 2012
 There would appear to be a worrying number of different rubber-stamps.
1 - (the one with the visible label) looks reasonable enough
2 - (the one with two stamps in black; taken from the '45 Revolutions' book) - looks hugely suspect and overly 'designed'
3 - (the one on a brown background, from a recent eBay auction) - the stamp seems 'fatter' than that in (1) and the sleeve appears to have no hole

If there were only 50 copies of this 78rpm promo made, it seems strange that there would have been three different rubber-stamps and at least two different styles of paper-sleeve. Just sayin'.

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