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Artist:Eddie Holman
Label:  Roulette Golden Goodies Hits Series
Catalogue:GG 139
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:3 Own
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1st May 2014
 How did Tyrone Davis get associated with Roulette? Or Brunswick for that matter?

26th Oct 2011
 The remains of Roulette were purchased by EMI and Rhino in 1989. At the time, EMI was distributing Rhino in the US. Rhino's distribution shifted to Warners in 1992 and Warner purchased 50% of Rhino.

Rhino has the non-jazz ownership of Roulette in North America.

26th Oct 2011
 Thanks my friend, there is a lot to still come out about Mr Levy the most important point is all those artists and backroom guys that never got paid or had their due royalties.

Levy died in strange circumstances, and EMI had bought Roulette off the offical recevers in the USA.

26th Oct 2011

26th Oct 2011
 This is NOT a UK record in any shape or form its a bulk standard USA styrene LH 45 and a back to back Roulette series put out by industry nightmare Morris Levi.

HTLG was asigned and licenced by/through ABC.

In it's 5 UK original releases it has always come out in it's mono mix:

1 $tateside (from AM-PAR) (EMI)
2. Probe (ABC label) (EMI)
3 Golden 45's (ABC retro label) EMI
4. Generic UK ABC #1 (EMI)
5. Generic UK ABC#2 (Anchor/CBS)

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