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Artist:Martha And The Vandellas
Label:  Gordy
Catalogue:GORDY 7014 / G-7014
Date:22 Feb 1963
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:52 Own, 2 Want
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AMartha And The VandellasCome And Get These MemoriesHolland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier9.8  Rate
BMartha And The VandellasJealous LoverHolland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier8.0  Rate


CB March 9, 1963

BB May 4 - full page ad.


Comments and Reviews
28th Jun 2017
 Uploading yet another label variation

27th Jun 2017

6th Feb 2017
 Trade-ad scan added.

16th Sep 2016
 ∆46726 Come and Get These Memories
∆46725 Jealous Lover

19th Aug 2016
 Monarch deltas:


20th Jan 2016
 Added scans of a slightly different variation of BEATLEJOHN's scans (#204521 & #204522) with larger spacing in the letters and dashes in "Jobete - BMI" and "P5KM - 022302".

27th May 2011
 Added "Badge" label...John

Steve Johnston
30th Mar 2011
 Hi guy's i'm like this site! I have left a comment on Gordy 7055 saying the this number was the first one to carry the "new" arrow design, all Gordy 700 numbers befor this one supporting the arrow are re-issues orderd by Gordy to supply demand after August 66, my quest in life regarding Badged Gordy is to fill up to 7082 thats the high Gordy number i've seen with the badge pitty it was not for sale!!. John you're post rings so true about the amount of pressing plants in the USA "i think Gordy uesed most :-))

30th Mar 2011
 The very knowledgeable folk at soul source, have come up a lot of info including a super rare 3rd type of purple label! See here
Gordy on ss

29th Mar 2011
 Okay Kids!....let me point out one thing I'M NOT A MOTOWN EXPERT!...that said, let me tell you what I do know...

first...I have this release with an old style label (I haven't scanned Gordy yet!).
second ...Motown's "Yesteryear Series" oldies label didn't start until 1972.
third....up to that point Motown simply re-issued it's back catalogue with fresh pressings of old couplings....which is what this is!...this particular label "Style" without the perimeter print "built-in" is from 1966 to 70, (the perimeter print is overprinted)...

I was merely stating the fact that I've never seen this particular label style with this coupling...but I've seen (and heard!) some truly strange Motown related pressings over here ........like I will always say, It's a big country.......with a lot of pressing plants....... John

29th Mar 2011
 hoping some of the Soulsource crowd can answer this for me.

29th Mar 2011
 I am wondering whether this design is early 70's? By then Motown must have been aware of the UK market because of the number of British dealers going to the states to buy up all the soul stuff the americans didnt want at the time? This would be a 2nd pressing, all we need is somebody to prove it with an early type scan!

29th Mar 2011
 No rim text on the bottom edge either...I remember Motown issuing lots of repro discs on original labels in the 90's...full page ad in the trade papers etc.It possibly is part of that batch
But it has a BB hole so its probably not

davie gordon
28th Mar 2011
 yes, that's a later pressing - the old label was still being used in late '65
- this must be from 1966 at the earliest, probably later.

28th Mar 2011
 I think this design is a reissue? Right label CAT number but design is different on early Gordys, no arrow? "Gordy" above the hole

28th Mar 2011
 To be quite honest, I've never seen this with a later label!...and I live here!............John

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