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Label:  Atlantic Gold Standard
Catalogue:GS 45830
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Community:2 Own
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AGenesisAbacabBanks, Collins, RutherfordGenesis8.0  Rate
BGenesisNo Reply At AllBanks, Collins, RutherfordGenesisRate


26th Jun 2012
 That's brilliant W.B.lbl, thank you so much.

25th Jun 2012
 'CI' was, I.I.N.M., an alternate designation for Cinram. 'X' and 'I' is anyone's guess.

From what I gathered, Quality's pressing plant was in Toronto, as was Cinram's.

Prior to RCA's Smiths Falls, Ontario plant closing around 1980-81, they too pressed some WEA product. However, neither they nor Capitol Canada's Mississauga, Ontario plant had any letter codes on the labels of WEA releases.

25th Jun 2012
 Wow, thank you W.B.lbl, you've done it again!
Thanks for the info on the three you've given, "Q", "C" and "CR" but could I ask whether you know which plants "X", "I" and "CI" refer to as these codes appear on other Canadian Genesis 45 7" singles?
Could I also ask if you know where the Quality Records and Cinram pressing plants were located, you've obviously already given that information for Columbia's Don Mills plant?
Many thanks once again, you really have been of enormous help.

25th Jun 2012
 "Q" actually indicated the Quality Records pressing plant which handled WEA during this period. Note that the typefaces on the label were completely overhauled from just a few years prior. (Other codes indicated "C" for Columbia's Don Mills, Ontario plant, and "CR" for Cinram which also pressed for the WEA companies.)

25th Jun 2012
 the letters - e.g. Q may be a local tax?
my guess is the Q is for Quebec?
so other provinces will have different letters - perhaps M for Manitoba etc.?

25th Jun 2012
 There is another issue of this that doesn't have the "Q" that is printed on both labels underneath the "GS 45830" catalogue number.
On a related note, does anybody know what this letter signifies on Canadian singles, it's not always the same letter and as I've already mentioned, sometimes it's not there at all?

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