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Record Details

Artist:Johnny Mathis
Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:H 103 / 263 007 TF
Date:Jan 1958
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AJohnny MathisWild Is The WindWashington, Tiomkin7.0  Rate
BJohnny MathisNo Love (But Your Love)MylesRate


With Ray Ellis and his orchestra


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9th Sep 2014
 a lot of these label listing pages are a MESS! logically it should be the 45s, then the EPs after with numbers in the correct order & the ones missing included as "unknown" to allow easy updating.

Juke Jules
18th Mar 2014

13th Jan 2014
 added full page launch from 'The Gramaphone' magazine Jan 1958 which uses this as the big push into popular music (although their label scan is the 78rpm )

Problem Child
11th Jan 2013
 Not having heard Nina's version I can't comment. I just remember being shocked due to my preconceptions of Johnny M., I couldn't believe how similar Bowie's version sounded.

11th Jan 2013
 Was it based on this version then, do you think, or maybe Nina Simone's?

Problem Child
11th Jan 2013
 Solid center labels added. This record is mint, like the labels' and apparently was the first 7'' 45 rpm single on Fontana in January '58. David Bowie's 1981 cover is a close interpretation, my opinion of course.

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