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Record Details

Artist:Max Harris With His Group
Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:H 282 / 267 129 TF
Date:18 Nov 1960
Chart Position:11
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Community:47 Own, 1 Wants
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AMax Harris With His GroupGurney SladeMax Harris8.8  Rate
BMax Harris With His GroupHat And CaneMax Harris7.0  Rate


6th May 2015
 Had Me a listen to It to. That Middle Bit how similar Is that. Wow. H.

6th May 2015
 I first encountered it on Vision On... :thumbsup:

Juke Jules
6th May 2015
 Yes, not my observation, but it was mentioned last night in the programme about Anthony Newley: Barbara Windsor's East End Men
I was always fascinated by this record

6th May 2015
 Just played it - very similar! :shocked:

Juke Jules
5th May 2015
 I gather that Harris acknowledges the influence that Parchman Farm by Mose Allison had on the Gurney Slade theme

2nd Dec 2014

9th Sep 2014
 this was the "Vision On" TV theme too, kids TV show from the early 1970s with Wilf Lunn. The 'Gurney Slade' TV series at long last is on DVD but sadly it loses it's way after the first few episodes.

17th Oct 2012
 Fontana - the label of kings!!!

17th Oct 2012
 The reason the reissue has a different serial number prefix is that it was reissued in 1963, about a year after the “H” prefix was discontinued, and all Fonanta 45s started to carry the TF prefix.

22nd Aug 2012
 release date taken from a Fontana release sheet for singles released on Friday, 18th November 1960

31st Aug 2011

See also Fontana TF 416.


16th Dec 2009
 Are these scans or photos? whichever, they're good: you can see the texture in the silver areas.

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