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Artist:Marty Robbins
Label:  Fontana
Catalogue:H 301 / 271 143 TF
Date:Mar 1961
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16th Aug 2012
 It was actually a valve fault in Grady Martin's amplifier.
The producer (Don Law I think, but don't pin me down on that. Hah!) liked the way it sounded.
Bill Purcell's "Our Winter Love" was another. With the addition of tremolo, no less.
Sounds remarkably like Yes' "Starship Trooper"!

carey jeggs
16th Aug 2012
 This wasn't far behind it 45-3068

16th Aug 2012
 This is the first known record to have the sound of a fuzz guitar - the story goes that there was a fault in the recording equipment that led to the 'strange' guitar sound but they decided that it was so unusual they would leave it on the recording. Some technically gifted people will be able to give a technical explanation of the circumstances, no doubt.

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