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Artist:The Turbans
Label:  Herald
Date:Aug 1955
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Community:28 Own, 2 Want
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AThe TurbansWhen You DanceAndrew Jones10.0  Rate
BThe TurbansLet Me Show You (Around My Heart)A. Evelyn, L. KirklandRate


BB Aug 13, 1955


26th Mar 2016

26th Feb 2016

26th Sep 2015
 For images 1134747 and 1134748
∆5274 When You Dance
∆5566 Let Me Show You (Around My Heart)

For variant images 1134750 and 1134751
∆5274 When You Dance
∆38271 Let Me Show You (Around My Heart)

Rockin Bill
8th Mar 2015
 small 45-1197 & 45-1196 engraved in dead-wax for the first issues. I assume the same for the 1958/59 reprints.

23rd Jun 2014
 can anybody tell me the runoff details to these copies? Have got one of ebay but looks a bit dodgy!

18th Jan 2014
 Two sets of scans added.

The first appears to have the same a-side, but the b-side lettering is decidedly different.

The second set are variant scans. (different label pressing)

26th Mar 2013
 Produced by Al Silver

25th Apr 2012
 Have alerted Mods to this. All my mistake I think.

25th Apr 2012
 This entry appears mixed up - "A" side title is Artist and song title is Composer and The Turbans only get shown on the scans.

mickey rat
25th Apr 2012
 A Side writer was Alicia Evelyn who was almost as successful as Rose Marie McCoy. Australian collectors know her best as the composer of a couple of Johnny O'Keefe songs (she even came to Oz at O'Keefe's request). She also had some major American hits. Leroy Kirkland was probably the arranger on this session.

25th Apr 2012
 B side writer Andrew Jones was a member of The Turbans, he sang bass. It was this song that eventually made the charts, having been designated as the B side when first released. It made # 3 on Billboard's R&B charts and # 33 pop.

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