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Record Details

Artist:The Edgar Broughton Band
Label:  Harvest
Catalogue:HAR 5001
Date:6 Jun 1969
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Community:20 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Edgar Broughton BandEvilR. E. BroughtonPeter Jenner10.0  Rate
BThe Edgar Broughton BandDeath Of An Electric CitizenR. E. Broughton, S. Broughton, A. GrantPeter Jenner9.5  Rate


Release date from Record Mirror May 31, 1969


17th Feb 2013
 Solid labels or ko out centre. Who was the first one?

I'd support the solid ones simply because the demos also had them.

30th Nov 2010
 Solid labels or ko out centre. Who was the first one?

19th Jun 2010
 There is some kind of press release for the label issued in “Harvest Festival”
A little tricky to read because only a part of it is visible.
It states the first releases to be
2 singles Issued 6 June 1969.
Edgar Broughton Band Har 5001
Michael Chapman Har 5002

And 4 albums in July
Deep Purple SHVL 751
Pete Brown & his Battered Ornaments SHVL 752
Shirley & Dolly Collins SHVL 75
Michael Chapman SHVL 755

17th Jun 2010
 Is the title 'Evil' and the release date 6-6-69 just a coincidence?

big swifty
2nd Oct 2009
 In all the years I have been collecting Harvest records I have not seen a solid centre with 'Demo Record Not For Sale'. Perhaps this was the first, then only.

It's good to see that there is a date for the launch of the label. "Harvest will be in summer this year"

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