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Record Details

Artist:The Move
Label:  Harvest
Catalogue:HAR 5038
Date:21 May 1971
Chart Position:11
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:67 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe MoveTonightWoodRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne9.0  Rate
BThe MoveDon't Mess Me UpBevanRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne7.6  Rate


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My Friend Jack
29th Dec 2015
 Just been trying to figure out what wordnot was saying - ended up looking at the deadwax on my copy - ah yes! Mine is the same.

21st Jul 2015
 A-Side >>>

7th Mar 2015
 My EMI logo'd A side has the Matrix SHAR 5038 A upside down so instead of the usual reading EMI matrixes at 6 o'clock you have to read it with the disk held at 12 o'clock. This the first time I've seen this - or maybe noticed it!
Side B however is the normal 6 o'clock.
Are all copies like this?
(makes me seem nerdy - apologies)

12th Nov 2013
 yeah it was alway emi but an oversight meant it was never written on the label, later labels then had the EMI box added so emi weren't missing out on any advertising. Also The harvest company bags always had an EMI box on even on the non-emi boxed singles.

12th Nov 2013
 No , always an imprint of The Gramophone Company , Ltd ( one of the subsidiaries of EMI ). EMI went through a time of adding the little box logo to all their record brands at about the same time ( Columbia for example ).

From Wiki ( The A-Z of record Labels.(Brian Southall) (2000). Sanctuary Publishing. ISBN 1-86074-281-5.) : Harvest Records was created by EMI in 1969 to market progressive rock music and to compete with Philips' Vertigo and Decca's Deram labels, initially under the direction of Malcolm Jones and Norman Smith.

Michael Earith
12th Nov 2013
 Perhaps Harvest was owned by ISLAND or UA at first then was it when the label was minus the EMI logo?.

12th Jul 2013
 If this is a singles sided doesn't that meant it gets a separate entry due to it having a different track listing to this ??

18th Jun 2010
 The first time that the EMI logo appeared.
Only a single-sided demo, possibly due to the rush release in place of the cancelled HAR 5036.

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