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Artist:The Electric Light Orchestra
Label:  Harvest
Catalogue:HAR 5053
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Community:1 Owns, 1 Wants
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AThe Electric Light Orchestra10538 OvertureLynneRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne7.0  Rate
BThe Electric Light OrchestraFirst Movement (Jumping Biz)WoodRoy Wood, Jeff LynneRate


15th Mar 2014
 Just coming home from Cheltenham last night and picked up a copy of The Bermingham Mail at the Airport.There is a 2 page article on Jeff Lynne with 3 photos he was honoured on the Broad Street Walk Of Fame.He says this is more important to me than the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

14th May 2012
 ....thank you, bigtom, your advice noted.

I've made many journeys to Eire in the past, but last time I was there, I was not on 45cat.com, and neither was I interested in purchasing any more 45s.
I was in Cork City maybe ten years ago, and opposite the main Bus Terminus/Station was a road with 3 or 4 s/h record shops, all close to each other, which I browsed, and bought mainly cassettes or CD's for the car journeys, etc. I may hunt that area out again.

I shall be looking like a hawk this time, and recall that back in 2005, in Killarney's Main Street? there was a record shop, with plenty of old 45's, again I browsed, but bought none.
I did come away with a Video of "D'Unbelievables - D'Telly" though, required viewing......LOL.

14th May 2012
 Apart from maybe one in Cork City i am not aware of record shops in those other places but good hunting.The charity shops are probably your best bet these days.

10th May 2012
 .....thanks bigtom, I'll be over in West Cork week after next, on business, and I'll try to hunt down some 45s from Cork city, Bandon, Bantry, Kenmare, and maybe even Killarney.......who knows, I might turn something up.

10th May 2012
 Nice one YD that is exactly the way most of our labels came from the UK which is why you will always find a Made In England or The UK or Gt Britain on our labels.

10th May 2012
 .....good find, bigtom.

To illustrate this Irish pressing married to an obvious UK printed two colour blank Harvest label, I have fiddled about on "paint" to replicate the blank label in the state that it would have arrived at the Irish printers, who then used a completely different typeface to the UK versions, when printing labels for the Irish issues.

Perhaps they just did not have a lot of typefaces to choose from.
This is only for fun, but it is a good illustration of before/after. It is the Side B label that I altered.

10th May 2012
 A nice find yesterday its been many a year since i had a copy of this Irish Pressing.

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