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Record Details

Artist:Praying Mantis
Label:  Harvest / Ripper Records
Catalogue:HAR 5201
Date:Feb 1980
Title:The Soundhouse Tapes Part 2
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:7 Own, 4 Want
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APraying MantisCaptured CityT. Neophytou, C. NeophytouPraying Mantis, Alan LeemingRate
BPraying MantisJohnny CoolT. Neophytou, C. Neophytou, Paul WilliamsonPraying Mantis, Alan LeemingRate


16th Aug 2012
 Obtained my copy with picture sleeve in a swap for a Sham 69 45 in 1981.

Dr Doom
20th Dec 2010
 A clear case for a split label then.

I reckon the picture sleeve for this must be pretty scarce. My copy certainly doesn't have one.

: (

20th Dec 2010
 A copy of the 7" with a picture sleeve was on ebay about a year ago, the back cover had a short history of the recordings and stated that the group originally released it on their own "Ripper Records" label. The back cover had the cat# in the top right hand corner and the Harvest logo centre bottom.
The 12" release has an additional track on the B-side - "The Ripper". I've only seen the 12" in a plain black sleeve.

Dr Doom
19th Dec 2010
 Good Call Judge.

: )

19th Dec 2010
 Sorry to seem picky (as if anyone would notice here!), but shouldn't this be listed under "Ripper Records", as the only thing tying it to Harvest is the cat#? There are plenty of instances of major-label cat# sequences being used for subsidiary imprints to provide some sort of precedence for doing this. Just a thought...

Oakley Boys
19th Dec 2010
 Anyone ever seen a picture sleeve for this?

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